Fearlandia Haunted Attraction

Actors Wanted

If you are interested in acting. Please email the following information to jobs@fearlandia.com

Please provide:

Your full name

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Date of birth (Must be at least 18 years old)

Matthew Singleton     Make-up and Actor

Kat Ayala     Make-up and Actor

Kat is returning for her fourth season as a makeup artist and actor. With years of experience in the haunt industry, she brings experience and innovation to Fearlandia. Always ready to learn and stretch her unique imagination, Kat loves her work and cannot wait to create a tailored nightmare just for you!

Brad Dascomb     Set Designer

Brad from D and D Props is a master in his craft.

With years of Experience everything he makes will be your next nightmare

Tracy Flynn     Casting Director          

Returning for her 2nd Year as casting director and 4th year with Fearlandia to inspire the nightmares of Portlandians.  From tip-toeing in the stand-up comedy scene, attending improv workshops taught by one of Second City’s finest, working with a murder mystery theater group, and now haunt work, Tracy brings a variety of range and experience to any role she takes on.

Justin Whiteman     Haunt Manager          

Henry Miller     Consultant and Artist