Fearlandia Haunted Attraction

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If you are interested in acting. Please email the following information to jobs@fearlandia.com

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Matthew Singleton     Make-up and Actor

Kat Ayala     Make-up and Actor

Hi...my name is Kat Ayala, owner of Kytty Kat Designs-Custom Makeup and Crafts. I have been an actor and makeup artist in the Portland Haunt Industry since 2011. Between Halloween seasons I face paint for parties, corporate events, festivals and fairs as well as charity events. I have been hired by companies like Lyft, Treadway Events and Energy Events and charities such as the Muscular Dystrophy Association. I was an extra in the George Romero, Jr short film, “Zombie Day Apocalyse” and a featured artist in ‘Trend’ an art show by RAW Artists. I am enrolled in the Stan Winston School of Character Arts. Besides starting my own business I am particularly proud to facilitate annual grant opportunities through the West Coast Haunters Convention and my employer who provides services for the Deaf/Hard of Hearing and Autism Spectrum kids. Who knew that my obsession for the macabre could turn into funds for Special Education students? Currently I am a makeup artist for Fearlandia doing what I love! Come check us out! You won’t be bored...I promise! Happy Halloween!

Brad Dascomb     Set Designer

Brad from D and D Props is a master in his craft.

With 16 years of Experience everything he makes will be your next nightmare