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The Capital City of Fear

is back for 2022

We have a new location

10860 SW Barnes Rd, Portland, OR 97225

Next door to Spirit Halloween

Ranked 59th in the US

by farandwide.com

Only $20 and a non-perishable food item

This Year's Themes for 2022

Night Terrors

Why is Billie so tired? What is keeping Billie from sleep?

What is waking Billie up in the middle of the night?

Could it be the night terrors?

Venture into Billie's world and pass  through the portal to discover the things that go bump in the night


Pure evil is coming your way, with spine tingling thrills and chills.

The excitement, the laughs, the screams from the most sinister show on Earth.  

It will be the most eye popping spooktacular thing you will ever see.

CarnEvil the world’s deadliest show!

Emergency food and clothing relief since 1923

We are doing timed ticketing.

We recommend reserving your spot as some nights tickets may not be available at the door.

Leftover tickets will be available at the door for purchase

Not as Scary Day

Typically too scary for anyone under the age of 13, Fearlandia is now offering a special

Not as Scary Day on Sunday, October 23 from 12 noon to 4 p.m. to accommodate families. The haunted house will guide you through a ghost hunt with kid-friendly, fewer monsters and more light. Event may be too scary for some.

A portion of the proceeds will be donated to PPD Sunshine Division

Tickets can be purchased online or at the door, but may be sold out

click here


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It's our seventh year and we are ready to scare anybody that daring is enough to enter.

The last couple years we have been partnering up with some amazing talent but we needed to get back to our old ways.

At only 10,000 ft.² we are committed to scare you at every opportunity possible. If you find an empty hallway it's by design (We have a plan for you). If you don't make it (though) we understand it can be really scary in here. We try to keep our prices low, that's why we're asking for a nonperishable food to be donation for the Sunshine Division.

Are you ready to face your fears at Fearlandia?

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