Fearlandia Haunted Attraction

Year 3

7pm to 11pm


5, 6,

12, 13,

18, 19, 20,

25, 26, 27,


General Admission gets you into Both Haunted attractions

Fearlandia will be hosting it's Second

FearHunger Drive.

Please bring a non-perishable item to help

Portland Police Bureau Sunshine Division

Special discounts will be available

Oct 5 - 25

Portland Police Sunshine Division

TJ's Backyard

Upon your adventure into a desolate area,

you begin to have car problems.

Nearby, there is a cottage.

Do you venture inside?

Experience mystery, suspense, and good old fashioned country hospitality!

Look for the Big Tent next to

The Circuit Bouldering Gym

From Interstate 5

take the Carmen drive exit #291

head southwest and turn left

onto upper boones Ferry rd

Please do not park at The Circuit Gym parking lot

Don't miss out

FearCam is Here

Watch the Weekend of Fear at Fearlandia YouTube Channel

Into The Darkness

A sensible man will remember

that the eyes may be confused in two ways

By a change from light to darkness

or from darkness to light

And he will recognize that the same thing happens

to the soul.  


Sharpen your senses and see how far you can go... Into the Darkness.