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Duane Hall     Talent Coordinator    

Matthew Singleton     Make-up and Actor

Kat Ayala     Make-up and Actor

Hi...my name is Kat Ayala, owner of Kytty Kat Designs-Custom Makeup and Crafts. I have been an actor and makeup artist in the Portland Haunt Industry since 2011. Between Halloween seasons I face paint for parties, corporate events, festivals and fairs as well as charity events. I have been hired by companies like Lyft, Treadway Events and Energy Events and charities such as the Muscular Dystrophy Association. I was an extra in the George Romero, Jr short film, “Zombie Day Apocalyse” and a featured artist in ‘Trend’ an art show by RAW Artists. I am enrolled in the Stan Winston School of Character Arts. Besides starting my own business I am particularly proud to facilitate annual grant opportunities through the West Coast Haunters Convention and my employer who provides services for the Deaf/Hard of Hearing and Autism Spectrum kids. Who knew that my obsession for the macabre could turn into funds for Special Education students? Currently I am a makeup artist for Fearlandia doing what I love! Come check us out! You won’t be bored...I promise! Happy Halloween!

Tiffany Walker-Barkman      Witch

Tiffany Walker-Barkman spends her days in our Washington County court house, working for one of our local Circuit Court Judges. There isn't much Tiffany hasn't seen, so being part of FEARLANDIA doesn't scare her a bit. Tiffany has done a fair bit of acting from "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" on weekends to playing "Tracy" in the production of "Seascapes with Sharks and Dancer" as well as "Marion" from "On Tidy Endings" and many other roles along with directing a production of "Summertree" by Ron Cohen she also toured for a year with a theater company out of Fresno California, with a show written by a local Fresno author called "The Think it Through Review".  Tiffany is looking forward to being involved in FEARLANDIA and scaring the pants out of you all!

Justin Whitman     Hillbilly

When I'm not making teeth for dentists, I'm watching horror movies and playing horror themed video games.

Occasionally I host a murder mystery dinner theatre for Eddie May Murder Mysteries. 

I have 13 years experience with the haunt industry. I started as a puppeteer running the Mad Hatter's tea party then graduated to chainsaw slinger in a fairy tale themed haunt at Oaks Park. My backwoods upbringing has lended a lot of help to chasing you down with a chainsaw that I know how to run and repair in the heat of pursuit. 

After that, I was hooked. Literally. I did flesh suspension, hanging from 2 hooks in the back, for an adult themed haunt. It was intense. It was also the last time I'd do that. Then I did a number of other haunts for a few years before me and a friend made our own haunt at the Milwaukee Elks lodge 6 years ago.

Fast forward to the present, here I am. Still doing what I love. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. See you inside!

Stefanie Watson     

Stefanie Watson's day job is working for a Bay Area bio-science company specializing in non-invasive pre-natal testing. By night she is an avid owl collector. Her second love is the season of Autumn and most especially Halloween! Stefanie did some acting in High School, but her love for this spooky season is what drew her to want to be a part of the amazing attraction that is FEARLANDIA!

Brad Dascomb     Set Designer

Brad from D and D Props is a master in his craft.

With 16 years of Experience everything he makes will be your next nightmare

Carmen Zavala

Carmen Zavala is a triple threat and has done much of her performance work in mid-Michigan. She is new to the Portland area, but since moving has worked with Eddie May Mysteries. Carmen loves a good scare, so of course Halloween is her favorite! 

Jake Reehl

Jake Reehl was born on January 1, 1992 in Portsmouth, Virginia.  Although born in Virginia, he grew up in Vancouver Washington and Portland Oregon.  He has always loved movies, but it wasn't until signing up for his local church's drama club and performing the lead role in a skit in the 6th grade that he considered doing it professionally.  He is left handed and besides acting, loves to write stories and sing-- specifically, hip hop and country.  He would consider himself a country boy

Danielle Brothers

Danielle Brothers is thrilled to appear with the twisted terrifying Fearlandia family for the second year in a row! Her grotesque mutant "melting" clown was a surreal and abhorrent figure last year -- this year her retired Lunch Lady will be serving up a VERY special menu guaranteed to make your gorge rise to the top!! During the day, answering phones for a local Portland company; but the veteran of decades of stage work from Seattle to Chicago and back again, Danielle has made a legendary impact on audiences wherever she goes. But a word of caution: TRYING THE DAILY SPECIAL MAY OR MAY NOT TURN YOU INTO A BLOODTHIRSTY ZOMBIE CANNIBAL. Nibble at your own risk, and enjoy Fearlandia!!